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City Wallpapers

If you want to make some changes on your outdated and dull desktop background, then you should look for picturesque and eye-catching urban images. Common city wallpapers could be artistic or panoramic ones. With the right wallpapers, you can feel all the charm of an urban scene as it doesn't depend on your age or sex. Moreover, one can have new fine shots every day to apply for the desktop enjoying this continuous roundup. High quality and unexceptional images in high resolution of well-known running-riot cities, as well as small charming towns, can be seen on your PC, how would you imagine that? It could be interesting to install and try.

Finally, you can meet the different landscape views of suburbans and cities around the world from the wallpapers. Neon lights of after-dark New York City or noonday heat of the City of Rome, old-fashioned red-bricked London residentials or dizzying Hong Kong skyscrapers - all these sceneries could jazz your PC. In this way, you can even have a distinct feeling of having being visited some cities to observe these shots on your screen. You can simply pick your choice of urban views that surprises the remarkable beauty of the city backgrounds. Cool Wallpapers recommends