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Colors Wallpapers

Well, can you exactly remember the last time you changed the background of your PC? Lay a bet that your memory doesn’t go back so far! So why not trying a totally new design? How would you love if you could see all the rainbow of different colors on your desktop? A full spectrum of joy expressed via multicolor wallpapers doesn’t only juice you up every day but brightens your day as well. Once you see iridescent grandeur depicted in shapes, forms and shades, it would make you feel the entire world’s variety around.

Being magnetic and energetic, colors can affect our emotions, mood, and behavior. Some chromatic tones can make us feel safe or relaxed; some shades make us angry or frustrated. For instance, it is commonly known that intense red tone is associated with danger, power, passion, and anger. This color is expected to be the most emotional and dynamic because of its triggering visibility. On the contrary, a yellow shade is associated with the sunshine, warm and joy. However, it is thought to stimulate your nerves so that it can be a powerful eye irritant! You should better use the green patterns as this color is thought to be the most restful and healing for the eyes.


This is the way chromatic wallpapers can impress. Without any doubt, they will not just make your computer look inspiring in your eyes, but also declare the extravagance of its owner. Such images never fail when it comes to evoking the emotions. Cool Wallpapers recommends