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Planes Wallpapers

Do you love planes? Quite clear why you do! What can be more magnetic than a feeling of dizzy altitude, more attractive that a sunrise welcoming a new day? When you are flying in a high sky, you feel like it’s only you and the universe, and nothing more. Escaping the daily routines and boring reality – it seems that nothing could be more relaxing than enjoying a bird-eye panorama. However, if you don’t own the aircraft (it's expensive alas), you can still have a chance to feel that through installing plane wallpapers.


Aircraft wallpapers are widely used as desktop backgrounds. From small electric means of transport to the biggest scramjets, these majestic technical inventions are shown through uniquely captures that fit finely for computer backgrounds. An aircraft captured in and out of clouds or floating through the heavens is truly a fascinating and spellbinding vision. Planes above the sea or ocean water impress amazingly the observers being set up directly as the desktop pattern to your laptop. High resolution and quality of the images let your tablet or smartphone look marvelous with vivid shots. It is exactly a true work-of-the art photography that anyone would appreciate. Cool Wallpapers recommends